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Steve Moore

Can someone tell Moore, that he cannot sue someone in the USA for something they did in Canada...

Suck it up!

Maybe you should have dropped your gloves!
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That's cold! Sure, I agree throw out the lawsuit but Moore didn't have a chance. Bertuzzi got him from behind! I just want this whole situation to end.
Moore, needs to get back to working out and stop trying to get paid 100 million in a law suit... as for being cold, I dont think so he should suck it up and take the loss (as in the law suit) he lost, now get back to working out and getting back to the game. And work for the millions!
This kind of talk pisses me off more than the event itself.

It makes me wish someone hurts someone you care about and gets away with it. Then brags about it.

First off, Bertuzzi never once bragged about it.

Second, he served his time and also lost money over it. As for Moore he needs to act like a Canadian hockey player and get on with working out the kinks and get back into the game.

He had his chance to drop the gloves and should have, he would not be acting like some moron suing for millions or shall we say billions when it comes to law suits in the USA...
The fans are bragging about it, not Bertuzzi. Actually sorry. Let me start over. VANCOUVER fans are bragging about it. They see mto be the only ones supporting Bertuzzi. I believe he is sorry and I believe that as INCREDIBLY STUPID as he was, he didn't intend to do as much damage as he did.

But for people to say that Moore should "suck it up" when he went through as much as he did? That's cold, and imhumane. It's like blaming a rape victim for "asking for it."

When I say for him to suck it up, I am talking about the law suit.

Go work out and come back and play, he is still being paid from Colorado. So he is not losing anything, but what he wants to gain is millions more than what he is worth, that is why he is trying so hard to have the law suit in the USA, he knows and so does his lawyer he can make 100 times more there than he can here...

Moore, will only get what he loses here, and seeing as he is still being paid this year, he wont get a thing out of a Canadian court...
the last two or so weeks plus the playoffs... todd barely missed any time at all.

Time served! Bettman's order :-)
well yeah but bettman's an ass and it still should have been longer.

It would have been longer if the season was not canceled, Bettman had no chioce but to let him play this year.

The game already has been tarnished from the lock-out.
Coming from a Colorado perspective...

It just seems like Bertuzzi got off light. I mean, Moore got his freakin' back broken. He's lucky he's able to skate again...much less walk.

And you're right on the legal issue, that's why it got tossed out of court in Denver.
Everytime I watch the re-run of the hit I'm convinced that Moore broke shit when the rest of this TEAM jumped ontop of him. Watch it again, and watch the way his body bends as soon as 2-3 of his TEAM MATES jumped ontop of them.

I'm not denying that it was a cheap shot, and Bert deserved everything he got. But come on now.

I'm still a fan of Todd's.
Yes, he deserved what he got (Burt) now Moore needs to get back on the ice and make money, not sue him for the easy ride out.