Mecha Shiva (mreskimopie) wrote in hockeynews,
Mecha Shiva

rule changes article from

i have to say, looking at ahl, and tapes from even a decade ago let alone last season, flow? Worried that Open Game will turn the nhl into basketball with defense waiting at the other end after a play?

flow isn't a problem when you realize what they're really talking about: back and forth play with not much result.... i.e. a lot of scoring chances that go nowhere. I've become a soccer fan recently, and the parallel is obvious: lots of back and forth with no result because the defense outplays the offense. that's the freaking point of defense. don't penalize the defnese because the offense can't outplay them. The rules changes for the ahl to improve "flow" didn't work as i saw them... still tons of scoring chances wasted. even making it illegal to play defense will not get more results from scoring chances.

it's just plain dumb to change the rules rather than let the game naturally work out.
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